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We were skeptical "do it yourselfers" at first,

but while pregnant with our second child, my partner and I realized it was time to get some help with my least favorite aspect of having kids so far - the medical paperwork. Alisha was magic. When our new son didn't make it onto health insurance in time before billing went through, Alisha got the insurance company to re-process multiple claims. Just when we needed it, a big reimbursement check came to us. New parents, you'll want her on your team! Thank you Alisha.

-- Kate Jamison, Moonstone Midwives Birth Center

EarthSide Billing, Inc. is the best billing service we have ever had.

They are hardworking, and professional and have gotten us the best reimbursements we have ever seen because they bill safely and know what they are doing. They have set us up properly with all of the insurance companies with electronic billing and bank deposits. We are regularly getting facility fees for our birth center which was a nightmare previously. They worked so hard for months to get this all worked out, never giving up when other billing companies had failed. They are easy to work with and are lovely people. Communication is professional and direct. We can talk to them whenever we need to and they handle the communication with the clients professionally and in a timely manner so we rarely need to discuss billing with clients. Working with them has been a game-changer and we love, love, love their work. Our recommendation could not be stronger!

-- Moonstone Midwives Birth Center

Alisha has been my insurance billing person for my practice since 2018.

Changing back to a billing specialist vs. in-house billing was a game changer for my small private practice. I have had a few difficult cases with insurance billing and have been happy to have Alisha take over those. Over all my clients get what they need to support the insurance part of their midwife journey. As we know it takes a village to raise a baby and I am happy to have Alisha in my village.

-- Amy Tinney, MSN FNP-C CPM LM

Alisha is professional, and a great communicator.

Bloom has been working with Alisha at Earthside Billing for our facility fee reimbursements and insurance billing needs for over five years. She has helped us navigate the Credentialing process for several insurance companies, as well as worked with our patients to get the best reimbursements possible. Alisha is professional, and a great communicator. I highly recommend EarthSide Billing, Inc. for your medical billing needs!

-- Kristi Cunningham LM, Bloom Waterbirth and Wellness Center

My clients have been getting high reimbursements promptly.

I am so grateful to work with Alisha at EarthSide Billing. As a busy midwife she has saved me a lot of time and energy. All I have to do is inform her of a birth and she does the rest for me. No more tedious super-bills to fill out. My clients have been getting high reimbursements promptly. I have worked with numerous other billers and have not lasted long. They seem like a good deal up front but lacked the willingness to dig deep and go after it. Often they only bothered to bill for prenatal care! As a home birth client herself, Alisha believes in home birth. She is passionate and understands why our clients are making this choice.

-- Sharon Potteiger LM CPM, Santa Cruz Midwives

Working with her is a joyful breeze compared to other billers with whom I've worked.

Everyone knows that insurance billing is the worst. And I'm not actually clear on why someone as nice and wonderful as Alisha wants to do this work but I am very grateful.

Alisha is just great. She is smart, organized, on top of all the details and makes things simple. My clients feel good talking to her directly. It takes less than 15 minutes for me to complete the superbills that I send her after the birth and after care is completed. Payment to her is directly from the client and streamlined for them. Working with her is a joyful breeze compared to other billers with whom I've worked. I also appreciate that Alisha has a good streak of righteousness and will fight for a claim when it's unjustly denied or unfairly paid.

It feels good to support another homebirth mom in an independent business. Alisha is also very clear about her work schedule. She protects her ability to do her job well by focusing on it when she says she will and letting us know when she will be unavailable. Now if we could just get the insurance companies to be as reliable and respectful.

-- Sue Baelen, LM

The way they work makes the process seamless.

Alisha and her team at EarthSide Billing have been the easiest, and most thorough billing company to work with. The way they work makes the process seamless for the client and completely hands off for us. We all know medical insurance is extremely stressful and difficult to navigate, but Alisha and EarthSide Billing make it effortless. They are extremely knowledgeable. We have nothing but confidence in using them for our practice

-- Born To Be Loved Birth

EarthSide Billing (has) made the billing portion of my practice something I don't have to worry about.

I've been a private practitioner since 2018. Being a Licensed Midwife in the state of California has its own set of challenges when it comes to insurance. While I focus on giving the best obstetric care to my clients, Alisha and EarthSide Billing have made the billing portion of my practice something I don't have to worry about. From beginning to end, they are in regular contact with myself and the client. After trial and error with other billers, I couldn't be happier with the service she provides my practice.

-- Faith Freeman, Licensed Midwife

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