Insurance Billing for Everything Home Birth and Birth Center Related

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What insurance do I choose?

    Each insurance company has multiple plans. You can have 2 Blue Shield PPO plans where one allows midwifery and the other does not.

    Here is a list of pointers and questions to ask when exploring insurance options.

    1. HMO's & EPO's won't allow you to go outside of their network of preferred providers.
    2. Choose a PPO plan with out-of-network coverage/benefits
    3. Cigna pays well but be mindful of the price of the policy, it's not always in your best interest to pay for an expensive plan for 12 months, to get a little more money back for a single event.
    4. Confirm that midwifery with a licenced midwife (L.M.) is a covered benefit.
    5. Confirm that homebirth is a covered benefit.
    6. If #5 is no but #4 is yes, we have options and there's a way to work around that.
  • What information do I need to provide?

    Here is a summarized list of what we need from you:

    1. Insurance Card (images of the FRONT and BACK, free of shadows and close up)
    2. Subscriber? If not SELF, please provide their: Name, DOB (Date of Birth), and relation to you
    3. Pregnant Mother's DOB (Date of Birth)
    4. Estimated Due Date (EDD)
    5. Who should I contact to discuss the insurance details? Phone number?
    6. Address of the pregnant mother AND subscriber if they are different
    7. Your midwife’s name
  • How do I get started?

    Use our online form to provide all required information.
    Included in this form you will pay a $40 fee for a Verification of Benefits (VOB) for each insurance provider you are covered by.
    I will contact you to schedule a time to discuss the Verification of Benefits (VOB) and your options in 7-10 days after I have received your information and payment.

    If you’d like to move forward, the billing fee is $300-350. Once paid, we will work on an in-network exception (when applicable), send claims and follow up as needed until all claims have been processed.

  • How much does this service cost?

    $40 - Verification of Benefits (VOB) for each insurance provider you are covered by.
    $300-$350 - For Billing Services

  • The baby has arrived, now what?

    Here's a little check list for you:

    1. Baby's born - Email Alisha with the DOB
    2. First week - Add your baby to your insurance. Email Alisha with this insurance update and your baby's given name
    3. Once released from care - Email Alisha and we will get the baby's claims submitted

    My hope is that by the time you are released from care, you will have received the reimbursement for the birth. By the time the baby is 3 months old, I hope all reimbursements have been received and my work is done...until next time

    The insurance has 6 weeks to process claims, once submitted.